Monday, June 4, 2012

We Have an Anchor - We Need Not Fear "IF"

by Heidi Allen Garvin
Many of us, seeing the Signs of the Times, have paused to ponder on the significance of the day in which we live and the blessings and responsibilities that are ours.  Do we recognize the major events which are, and will continue to, taking place before the winding-up scenes are finished?

Fear is not of the Lord.  The adversary seeks to stir men up to anger as well as all other sorts of chaotic emotions and events.

Prophets of God have prophesied of our day.  They have taught us Who is our Anchor and how we are to tap in to His Power.

President Benson wrote "Latter-day Saints should not become bewildered.  They should not become worried.  They should not become confused in this great and modern world in which we live, with the great changes which are taking place, because we can have an anchor in these eternal principles and
verities which should always bring to us the answer to the problems which face us from day to day. This is true whether it be a problem involving issue...or economic issue, we have the guide for the answer to these problems in the eternal principles that have been revealed and are set forth in holy write and are given to us by the priesthood of God from the lips of those who reside in the earth in the day in which we live."

The challenge, as I see it, and as has been taught by church leaders, is our unwillingness to heed Prophetic counsel.  We often set-aside the things of God - as naught - thinking we 'know better' of ourselves.

When Brigham Young talked about us someday 'wondering why we were so stupid in the flesh' - I'm confident that he spoke of our day - as well as his own.

We query at the foolishness of some in the scriptures who didn't heed the warnings of those high up on the Tower; the 'Se-er's' who knew what was coming and warned those below.  It's also easy for us to see how foolish the people at the time of Noah were.  Didn't they perceive what was about to happen?

Were those in the day of Moses able to appreciate his instructions about worshiping the only True God and not idols?  Do we wonder how those Children of Israel couldn't have known what was ahead for them?  Do we recognize their disobedience and, thus, consequential need for refinement and cleansing?

Do we look at the disobedience of church members in the scriptures and think that it only pertained to their day and age and how sad it was that they didn't listen?  Do we ask "Why and How did they disobey?"

I have heard from several different sources that when two different Prophets - in our day - told Mothers to stay home with their children - MORE entered the work force.  Additionally, the youth recite the living of virtuous lives and, then, date before they are 16, watch 'R' rated movies, and dress immodestly both at school and at church.

Perhaps you have seen these things for yourself.  What are we to learn and how can we be protected from these storms in our own families?

Prophecy teaches that the wicked will be swept off.  Who are those people?  Are we classed among them?  What constitutes a group of the 'wicked?'

President Benson shared "As the world becomes more wicked, a possible way to attain worldly success may be to join the wicked.  The time is fast approaching when it will require great courage for Latter-day Saints to stand up for their peculiar standards and doctrine -- all of their doctrine, including the more weighty principles such as the principle of freedom......"
"We live in a day of the smooth and subtle sins, the fashionable immoralities, the clever compromises, the routine treason, with evil on the rampage."

I am aware that over the weekend, in downtown Salt Lake City - a parade was held to support and honor 'gay pride'.  Some members of the church participated.  What they don't realize is that they, then, classed themselves among the group of rebellious who think they know better than God.  There are 'arguments' (stirring-up to anger) that will be heard on all sides of the issue.  But, I return to a powerful statement from Sister Elaine Cannon years ago, who said "When the Prophet speaks - the debate is over." 

We are, above all, blessed to have Prophets of God to 'guide us in these latter-days'.  It is my firm belief and personal witness that, as we hearken to their teachings, we will be under the umbrella of protection, of light and truth, of apostolic blessings and of safety for the times which we are in.

Anything else is a pseudo teaching or false prophecy.

Be Not Deceived


  1. Wow, this was a powerful post and Amen to it all. Many years ago in a blessing given to my husband he was told to learn the Signs of the Times and prepare our children for the coming of the Lord.
    We do live in such a wicked world and I am always concerned about my many grandchildren and the choices they make. I believer with Sister Cannon; "When the Prophet speaks - the debate is over." I pray always that my children will always follow the Prophet and prepare and keep their homes safe from the world. I also feel their is great safety in on going temple attendance.

  2. Thank you for the reminder Heidi! I agree. I have been reading a very good book called "The Peace Giver" It is Very Good in showing us that the scripture stories are much more than we give them credit for. We all need to pray for the deeper meaning and how they apply to our lives so that we are not deceived by Satan. This is a very trying time in history, it seems like we have many grey areas....But are they Really?

  3. Thank you, LeAnn. Very well-spoken. I am so gratified when I know that others' are striving for the same things that I am. Blessings to you!

    And...Trina (Latter-dayCrafters) - I loved that book, too. I read it a few years back and it opened my whole perspective about love and forgiveness and how the Atonement really works. I agree with you about 'deeper' meaning. I feel that the Lord wants to bless us but that we keep ourselves from those blessings because of our pride and/or unwillingness to really study, ponder, and receive.