Tuesday, January 3, 2017


We all have times of need of comfort. We are here on earth, having a 'mortal' experience and part of that is trials and some troubles and tribulations.  All these things 'worketh patience' and help us become purified and refined, fit to be numbered amongst His followers.
"At times, when we need that comfort, we can find solace in these truths: “Be assured that there is a safe harbor. You can find peace amidst the storms that threaten you. Your Heavenly Father—who knows when even a sparrow falls—knows of your heartache and suffering. He loves you and wants the best for you. Never doubt this. While He allows all of us to make choices that may not always be for our own or even others’ well-being, and while He does not always intervene in the course of events, He has promised the faithful peace even in their trials and tribulations.” —Joseph B. Wirthlin, “Finding a Safe Harbor”   and...... 

"There is terrible suffering in our world today. Tragic things happen to good people. God does not cause them, nor does He always prevent them. He does, however, strengthen us and bless us with His peace, through earnest prayer.”  —Rex D. Pinegar, "Peace through Prayer"
One of the greatest blessings we have is the ability to communicate with God, our Heavenly Father, in sincere and humble prayer. He hears and answers us when we are contrite and seek him with real intent.  (In common with the rest of Christianity, we believe in a Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. However, we testify that these three members of the Godhead are three separate and distinct beings. We also testify that God the Father is not just a spirit but is a glorified person with a tangible body, as is his resurrected Son, Jesus Christ. - Apostasy and Restoration
I know this to be true as I have sought Him diligently on many occasions and He has heard and answered me. This is the greatest blessing I have ever had in life; to truly receive answers to my humble pleadings from and all-wise and all-knowing God. For, I KNOW, that He desires to help us!

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