Friday, June 29, 2012

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Monday, June 4, 2012

We Have an Anchor - We Need Not Fear "IF"

by Heidi Allen Garvin
Many of us, seeing the Signs of the Times, have paused to ponder on the significance of the day in which we live and the blessings and responsibilities that are ours.  Do we recognize the major events which are, and will continue to, taking place before the winding-up scenes are finished?

Fear is not of the Lord.  The adversary seeks to stir men up to anger as well as all other sorts of chaotic emotions and events.

Prophets of God have prophesied of our day.  They have taught us Who is our Anchor and how we are to tap in to His Power.

President Benson wrote "Latter-day Saints should not become bewildered.  They should not become worried.  They should not become confused in this great and modern world in which we live, with the great changes which are taking place, because we can have an anchor in these eternal principles and