Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New, Good Year

Even though I’m a few days late, today I’ve made a decision to make 2013 my new, good year. I kind of make this decision every New Year, but this time – it’s different.
If you don’t want to read my short philosophising, please skip right down to Reason Number One for why I’m set to make my new year a good one. :)
Maybe it’s because last year was so crammed full of good and not-so-good experiences. Maybe because I learned tons of new lessons through those experiences. Or maybe it’s because there seems MORE right now.

Recent events on our planet, difficulties of friends who have blessed me with their strength, good examples by those who had no idea I saw or heard or felt their goodness might be why I feel this MORE – NESS.

It might simply be that I’m another year older, grateful for the chance to keep on breathing mortal air. To keep on living, loving, learning. Seeing with new eyes [the physical ones, as some of you know, are failing. . . but the eyes of the soul seem more focused, so I see with more clarity] allows me to work at making this a good year, daily.

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